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Evidenced Based 

At Longmont Acupuncture Clinic we parctice Evidence Based TCM. This means that our pratictioners are continuously engaged and update their knowledge with special emphesis on the integration of both western and eastern approach to health. The information on this page is met to provide access to medical studies as well as general information to help patients gain more understanding and insights into TCM and its relevance to integrative medicine and healing.

Bibliography of Evidence Based Studies


(1) Frontiers | Harnessing the power of traditional Chinese medicine ....


(2) Research on the Interaction Between Autoimmune Diseases and Gut ....

Research Article:


- A review
investigated how gut microbiota affects autoimmune diseases and correlated the
effects of Chinese herbal medicine on gut microbiota regulation².


TCM's impact on
gut health may contribute to its effectiveness in autoimmune disease prevention
and treatment.


(3) Traditional Chinese Medicine and Immune Regulation.

Individualized Approach:


- Syndrome Differentiation: TCM tailors treatments based on individual patterns
and constitutional strengths and weaknesses. For autoimmune patients, personalized approaches are crucial.


(4) Application and Effectiveness of Chinese Medicine in ... - Springer.

 Integration with
Conventional Medicine: TCM can complement Western medicine, minimizing side
effects and enhancing overall well-being.


 A comprehensive Review of Alternative Therapies for the...

A systematic review and meta-analysis investigated the effectiveness of non-pharmacological TCM combined with conventional therapy in treating fibromyalgia, a chronic musculoskeletal disorder characterized by generalized pain.





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