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Auto-Immune Disorders

Over 20 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, and Diabetes. Chinese medicine approaches the treatment of "dis-ease" from multiple directions. People are reaching for alternatives because simply taking pills doesn't fix the root of the issue and there are often side effects from taking that "pill". We take into account that each patient is unique in their journey and when you view a person as body, mind as well as a spirit you see ways of helping someone heal that are vastly different that taking a "pill".

Healing Modalities

Discover the Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing with Chinese Herbs

At Longmont Acupuncture Clinic, we believe in harnessing the power of natural remedies to treat not only auto-immune disorders, but also chronic and acute pain, along with many other chronic ailments. Our patients are choosing holistic alternatives, such as Chinese herbs, to find relief where modern medicine has limitations.


Chinese herbal medicine, with its centuries-old history, is renowned for its approach to treating the imbalances in the body that result in pain. Studies suggest herbs like turmeric and ginger, often found in kitchen cabinets, possess anti-inflammatory properties comparable to over-the-counter pain medication without the side effects.


Moreover, the adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng and astragalus have been acknowledged for their ability to support the body's stress response, boost immunity, and enhance stamina – all of which can be compromised in chronic conditions. By nurturing the body's resilience, these herbs help individuals face the physical challenges of chronic ailments more effectively.


Not to overlook the powerful role of acupuncture in conjunction with herbal therapy, at Longmont Acupuncture Clinic, we utilize both to promote healing and comfort. Integrating these practices can lead to sustainable management of pain and chronic conditions by addressing their root causes.


Inviting health and harmony into your life may be a journey, but with the aid of Chinese herbs and acupuncture you're taking an achievable step toward your wellness goals. Trust in the wisdom of ages and the tailor-made care at Longmont Acupuncture Clinic to illuminate your path to wellness.

Exploring Moxibustion: A Healing Flame for Persistent Pain

Have you ever considered an ancient technique that could alleviate both chronic and acute pain? At Longmont Acupuncture Clinic, we embrace the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to enhance overall health. Moxibustion, a form of heat therapy that involves burning dried mugwort on or near the skin, has been used for centuries to promote healing.


Why turn to moxibustion for pain relief? This method stimulates circulation, encouraging a smoother flow of blood and qi (vital energy). It's particularly effective for chronic conditions, like arthritis, that are exacerbated by cold or damp weather. Therapeutic warmth from moxibustion penetrates deeply into muscle layers, offering relief where other treatments may fall short.


Moxibustion isn't just for pain; it's a holistic approach supporting the body's natural healing processes. By fortifying the immune system and balancing the body's internal systems, moxibustion may reduce the severity and frequency of chronic ailments. Patients with digestive issues or those seeking increased energy levels have also praised its benefits.


Beyond physical wellness, moxibustion plays a role in emotional and mental health. The warmth and care involved in the treatment process offer a comforting experience that can lower stress and anxiety, contributing to an improved outlook on life.

At Longmont Acupuncture Clinic, we integrate moxibustion into our suite of solutions to bring about a healthier you—inside and out. If you're ready to experience this transformative therapy and rejuvenate your health, connect with us for a personalized treatment plan tailored just for you.




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