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Autoimmune Disorders

Over 20 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, and Diabetes. Chinese medicine approaches the treatment of "dis-ease" from multiple directions. People are reaching for alternatives because simply taking pills doesn't fix the root of the issue and there are often side effects from taking that "pill". We take into account that each patient is unique in their journey and when you view a person as body, mind as well as a spirit you see ways of helping someone heal that are vastly different that taking a "pill".

Healing Modalities

Every day modern science and western medicine are gaining empirical data that prove how we must be a part of our own healing. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) uses a patient's history, symptomology and dietary recommendations to name a few things to help patients find relief and heal. The importance of this is that Chinese medicine looks at the whole person in order to get to the root of a patient's disorder. TCM is not just about acupuncture and herbs but it also offers other options such as Moxa, Tui Na and Qi Gong needling to alleviate a symptom. Although acupuncture and herbs are foundational and have been used for thousands of years, Chinese medicine will use Moxa to combat fatigue and strengthen the immune system, it uses cupping or Tui Na to release muscles and longstanding pain, herbs for digestive complaints or headaches and Qi Gong needling to effect a patient on a deeper, energetic level.




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